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Old Vintage Europe Wooden Cabinet Miniature Delft Blue Porcelain Assorted & Doll


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Old Vintage Europe Wooden Cabinet Miniature Porcelain Assorted & Doll


An old wooden cabinet with two drawers at the bottom

Made in Holland

There are many top compartments like a store cupboard

Decorated like a porcelain shop with miniatures

Filled with miniature statuettes and figurines,
Delft blue tiles and tableware and everything

On the ground porcelain dutch clogs and a basket of flowers

A pretty girl doll with braids is there playing with her porcelain bunny

Nicely to put with old dolls and toys

*The blue horse has a damaged ear ( see pics )

* One delft blue tile has crack ( see pics )

* The right clog has a chip on the inside (see pics)

No markings

The doll is old but in new condition, may well stand and sit

The cabinet measures approx
28 cm high and 20 cm wide 5 cm deep.
11 inch high and 8 inch wide 2 inch deep.

Cabinet has some light wear from age on the right side

This set is old and used and sold as is

This cabinet weights 1010 grams - 2.240 lb


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