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Christmas 2018 Backlog

Thank you all for purchasing from our store. 

We are advising you, that since December 6th, both Canada Post , DHL Germany, Post NL, USPS are suffering from a massive back log in sending parcels out. 

Canada Post, had several strikes upon their employees, PostNL & DHL Germany had suffered from major St Nicholas back log. 

The USPS backlog and customs backlog suffer both from Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. 

We seen from Dec. 6. 2018 that all of our shipping companies, can not guarantee, delivery, when ordered before November 25! Sorry no FedEx or UPS options available.

If you order something, please do note, it will not arrive before Christmas 2018, Christmas 2019 is okay for now. 

Happy Holidays, 

Jadees Antique Bear Shoppe!

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