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Available at Jadees Antique Bear Shoppe, various Art, Prints, Oil Paintings, Acrylic Paintings and many more  from Artists like Andres Orpinas, Chantal Poulin, Georges Dedoyard, Marilyn Simandle, Trisha Romance, C. Bremont, Charles Dickens, Carol Robinson, Hummel, Anthony Gruerio, John Newby, Bronwen Rose, Robert Duncan, Tammy Laye, Shirley Deaville, Neil Blackwell, Helen L Ness, Bessie Pease, Catherine Karnes Munn, Kathy Hagerman, Sue Quarles, James Lumbers, Anton Pieck, Valerie Pfeiffer, Sir John Millais, Norman Rockwell, Wendy Tosoff, Donald Zolan, Dorothy Francis, Jan Vermeer, L. Clife Lewis, Bonnie West Germany, Marcel Dionne Hof, Chuck Jones, Jean-Honoré Fragonard, 

View all 1000 14/350 15 inch 1910 1933 1950s 1960s 1977 1979 1980 1983 1984 1985 1989 1990 1992 1997 1998 20 2005 2006 2008 2020 4 panels 410414 7 inch a A/M Abbas Action Alain andres Angel Anna Anna Weber Anne anne of green gables Anticipation Antique AOOAK Armand armnd Armstrong Art Art Deco artist Arts Artwork asian at authentic ayr Baby Banned bare Bear Beauregard ben ben stahl berries Best Betty beyond Bird Birds Bisque Biwa Black Book boots Boston Bottle bouquet boy Bradley brooklyn Brother Brown Button Call Canada Canadian Canvas Caps Cardboard carols Carry cartman Carved Carving Case cat central Chateau Cherubs chickadee children Childrens chilean chinese christmas Classic Cloth Coart Coca Coke Cola Collectibles Collection comedy Country Cover Craft Creek Crumb Cub Curtis Darth David Dean's Decor Deltex Devant Diamond Disney dog Doll Dolls Dorothy Dorset Doulton DRGM Driftwood Dusty Ed Edition Edna Edna Loo emerald Emperor England Engraver Estate Ewok Eyes famous feet Figures Figurine filled fine finished floral flower flowers forest Foxes Frame framed Francis Friends Frontenac fun4all G11 G1257 G1259 G500044 G6058 gables Gallery Garden Geese Geisha Georges German Germany Girl girls Glass GMFGI Gnome Gnomes gorgeous Graham green Grey Growler Guitar Hand Hand Painted Handmade Handpainted hands Hawaiian head heavy Heritage Hilda holding Home Home & Garden > Decor ina ina morschauser Instrument International Inuit Irish James Japan Japanese Jim Joan Joan Curtis Jointed Joyce Jumeau Keirstead Keirstead Gallery Ltd Kestner kind Kings Kitten kovacs La Lacaze Landing. Lando Laurel Leia Lenore let us adore him Let's Slide LFL Limited Lithograph Little LM1 Loo Lorimar Lots of Fun Ltd Luke Magic Marseille Matted meadow Mermaid Mill Milton Mint Mohair Montreal morschauser Music My National needlepoint New Nori NTSC oak of oh come Oil Old on the balcony one One of a kind One of Kind Ontario OOAK Ori original orpinas outfit Owl Owls Painted Painter Painting Paneeloos Paulin Pauline Paquin peach Pekingese Pencil Pennsylvania Peter Petit Phallus picture Pieces pine Plaunt plush Poetry Point Poortvliet Porcelain presents Princess print Print. Printed Prints Products Puzzle R2D2 Rabbit Rag Rare Ravensburger Ravensburger 2005 Puzzle Canadian Artist Pauline Paquin Lots of Fun 1000 pieces Real Red Region 1 Reproduction Rickshaw Riding Rien Rien Poortvliet Riener romance Roosters Rose Salacious schiedt schildt screen Sculpture Sculptures Sealed series set Shelly Shop Shoppe Signature Signed Signed. silhouette Silk Skywalker snow Snowbirds Snuffi Soi Solid southpark Spain Special Spike stahl Stand Stapled Starwars Statue Statues Steiff stuffed summer Supper Tag Taleski Teddy terrier The The Penalty Kick three Toronto toy Tree trees Tuskan UK usa Vader VHS Vie Villages Vintage Voice W. Nadjuvon watercolor Weber White Winter Wolf Wood Wooden Yoda Yukon.

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