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Available at Jadees Antique Bear Shoppe, various Art, Prints, Oil Paintings, Acrylic Paintings and many more  from Artists like Andres Orpinas, Chantal Poulin, Georges Dedoyard, Marilyn Simandle, Trisha Romance, C. Bremont, Charles Dickens, Carol Robinson, Hummel, Anthony Gruerio, John Newby, Bronwen Rose, Robert Duncan, Tammy Laye, Shirley Deaville, Neil Blackwell, Helen L Ness, Bessie Pease, Catherine Karnes Munn, Kathy Hagerman, Sue Quarles, James Lumbers, Anton Pieck, Valerie Pfeiffer, Sir John Millais, Norman Rockwell, Wendy Tosoff, Donald Zolan, Dorothy Francis, Jan Vermeer, L. Clife Lewis, Bonnie West Germany, Marcel Dionne Hof, Chuck Jones, Jean-Honoré Fragonard, 

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