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View all 10 1000 100cm 18 inch 1910 1910s 1920s 1930s 1934 1940s 1950s 195480 1960s 1970s 1979 1980s 1986 1988 1990 1990s 1994 1996 1998 2005 2006 2008 22 24k 2ft 339504 39 inch A AA01821 animal Anne antique AOOAK art Artist Babies Bambi Banned bear Berrie Birds Bisque Black Blonde boots Box BRB Brigitte Brigitte Leman Brown Button Canada Canadian Candy cat Celluloid Chateau childhood Christmas Classic Clown Cocker Collectible Collection Collector collectors Cover Creation david Deer Designed Diamond Dickens DIEM Disney Dog Doll Dollhouse Donkey Ed Edition Egbert Enesco England Esel evaluation fantasy figurine filled Fitz Floyd Forest Fox Terrier Frontenac Gables German Germany Giftcraft Girl Glass Gnome Gnomes golden Golliwog Gown Green growler Gund H10 Hand Handpainted Hermann Hilda Honey House identification Inch Irish James jointed Jonathan jumbo Kestner Kitten Klaus Klaus Wickl Knopf im Ohr Korea La Senza Large Laurel Leman Let's Slide Licensee Lid limited Little Lomonosov lost Lots of Fun Ltd Magic Masterpiece Mermaid Mighty Mohaiir mohair Molly Monkey Montreal Mungo My New NTSC Oil Okwa Old One of Kind Ori Original Painting Paulin Pauline Paquin Paw Perle Phallus Pieces plush Polar Poortvliet Porcelain Print Pull Toy Puppet Puzzle Rag Rare Ravensburger Ravensburger 2005 Puzzle Canadian Artist Pauline Paquin Lots of Fun 1000 pieces Realistic Reborn Regina Regina Swialkowski Region 1 replacement Reproduction retired Richard Rien Rien Poortvliet rubber Russ Schuco Sealed service Signed snow Snowman Snuffi Spain Spanial Special Star Statue Steiff Stephie Stophie stuffed Swialkowski Tag Tags teddy The Penalty Kick Thomas Toddler Tree troll Twins UK USA USSR VHS vintage Vinyl Wedding White Wickl Winter Zapf

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