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Antique Richard Diem Bear 17 Inch 43 CM Brown Tipped Mohair Fully Jointed 1930s


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Antique Richard Diem Bear 
17 Inch 43 CM
 Brown Tipped Mohair 
Fully Jointed 
1930s Germany 

Up for sale 

Gorgeous Richard Diem teddy bear 
Made from brown tipped mohair 

Center Seam body and head 

He has been made in the early 1930s 
He is fully jointed 
His body is filled with wood fibers 

Gorgeous big feet with hand stitched nails 
3 hand stitched nails on each paw 
Left paw has remnants of thread of the nails, See the pictures 

He has see through glass eyes with black pupils 
Hand stitched nose and mouth 

Nice little humpback 

He has cardboard in his feet to make him have flat feet 
Like the Steiff Teddy Baby 

85% of his mohair is intact 
His growler, voice box gives a very short growl when tilting 

He measures approx 
43 cm - 17 inch 
From top of ears till end of heel 

30 cm - 12  inch sitting 
From ground till top of ears 

He weighs 
778 grams - 1.715 lb 
Such a  beauty in this condition 

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