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Always been looking for a special doll? Either she is antique, vintage, real like, made of porcelain. Then go visit our Doll section. We have 1950s Reliable Dolls, Annette Himstedt Originals, Anne of Green Gables, and many other wonderful dolls for sale!
View all *Exclusive* 100% 11 15 inch 18 inch 18.5 inch 1910 1927 1930s 1934 1950s 1960s 1965 1979 1980 1990 1991 1998 1999 2008 2ft 7 inch A/M AM 7/0 animal Anne antique AOOAK Applause Apple Armand armnd art Artist authentic Baby Bambi bear Betty Bib Bisque Blonde Bloomers Blue Bob Bow Boy Bridal Brigitte Brigitte Leman Button Cabinet Canada Canadian cartman cat Celluloid central Class Clown Collectible Collector comedy Convention Cotton Creation Curtis Deer Delft Designed Diana Disney Display doll Doll Condo Dollhouse Dolls Dress DRGM Dusty Edition Effner Emily England Estate Expression Eyelashes Eyes Face Farm Full fun4all Furniture G1257 Gables German Germany Giftcraft Girl Glass Golliwog Gottschalk Gown Green Groceries Grocery Hair Halloween Hand Hand Painted Handmade Handmade.Old heavy Hilda Irish Japan Japanese Jar Jar Binks Jean Joan Joan Curtis Jumeau Kestner Kimono Korea Laurel Leather Leman Leona Lighting Limited Lundby Marseille Mattel Merrythought Miniatures Minnie Mouse Mouth Moves Nails Okwa Old One of a kind One of Kind OOAK Open Original Outfit Painted Pajamas Perle Phrases Plastic plush Poppenflat Porcelain Pre Print Rag Rare Real Realistic Reborn Red Regina Regina Swialkowski Reliable Reproduction Ribbon Room Rose Satin Scary School Secret Shoes Shoppe Signed Simba Sio Snuffi Sonneberg southpark Stand Starwars Steiff Store Students stuffed Style Swialkowski Tag Tags Talks Teacher Teeth The Phantom Menace Thuringia Toddler toy UK Unbranded vintage Vinyl Voice Wedding Whisper Whispering White Wig Wood Wooden Works Zapf
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