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Update of our Terms of Service ToS

Terms of Service DMCA take down !

Digital Millennium Copyright Act

Copyright - Content of offer infringes rights (21)
(21a) Offer contains illegal copy of copyrighted text
(21b) Offer contains illegal copy of copyrighted image
(21c) Offer contains illegal copies of copyrighted image and text

If we find, a user or a third party on your website, domain, hosting, using our text/picture(s), we kindly request, that if we inform you (the provider, publisher, hosting, service) to take adequate steps within 24 hours upon our message, to delete/remove, the copied text, image or text and images, when we file an DMCA take down notice. We first contact the person in question, giving them 48 hours to remove our copied materials, when ignored, we file an DMCA legal take down notice. When we file the DMCA to the host/listing site, they have 3 working days, to react and take down the listing we have reported. If the host/listing site ignores our DMCA notification, after 3 working days, both them, the advertising company/host/provider/user will and can be sued of our item income lost per day (per cost of the item) from the day the listing is published, till the item is removed or modified without holding relations towards our listing(s). We kindly request to take our messages and DMCA submits very seriously.

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