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We have an extended handling time in September 2023. 

Please allow up 14 days, for your parcel to be shipped. We are sorry for any inconvenience. Express Post is not available during the time that we are away.

Due to a high volume of emails we receive in our inbox,
we regretfully cannot answer all of the emails that we receive.  
We sort our emails by our returning customers, potential customers
and serious customers who are wanting to purchase an item from our store. 

If you have a collection of bears or other items like art ect. that you want to sell to us, we have to say sorry, we do not  buy or purchase anything at all, as we are not interested. If you want to offer us a service such as web design, traffic boost or any other type of marketing we have to say sorry we are not interested. So stop trying.

These and all other miscellaneous emails are automatically filtered out by our spam filter and are deleted before it reaches our inbox, so do not waste your time, we will never see it.

If you are looking for a certain bear or stuffed animal, that you want to replace, we are happy to help you to find it. 

Do you need our help to identify one or more of your own products, or are you looking for more background information / history about something we offer for sale? 

Please click the link and purchase our service below 


If you need to contact us, please be specific with a detailed description inside the message section of what you exactly want/need. Include a link to the item from Our Store regarding the item(s) you have a question about. 

If you need info on a bear or other item, purchase the bear identification (see link above). 

All of our items are only listed on jadeesantiquebearshoppe.com and/or eBay  and have full pictures, full templates and an item description, all items are in stock and only 1 available. 

We are located in: Ontario, Canada & Netherlands, Europe

Thank you for your patience and understanding

Have a lovely day

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