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View all 10 Inch 17 inch 18 inch 1905 1910 1918 1920s 1927 1930s 1931 1933 1934 1935 1940 1940s 1947 1950 1950s 1957 1960s 1990 2 2020 21 inch 28pab 3310 44g 50 cm 53 cm 5328 6350 Africa African AM 7/0 Antique AOOAK Ape Armand Art Arthur Artificial Silk Artist Arts Artwork Austria Baboon Baby Bambi Bank Beads Bear Beauregard Beige bell Bird Bisque Biwa Black Bonzo Borwn Boston bow Box Brahms Brass brooklyn Brown Button Canada Carrying Carved Carving Cat CE1752/1 Celluloid Cheeky Children Chiltern Cloth Cocker Craft Deer Deltex DIEM Discontinued Dog Doll Dollhouse Dolls Donkey Duck Eatons Elephant England Eyes Farm Fechter Felt Figurine Filled finished Fox Fox Terrier Framed France G1257 G1259 G3459 G4295 G500044 Geisha Gelden Georges German Germany Ginger Girl Glass Gold Gottschalk Gran Gran'pop grat Gray Groceries Grocery growler Guitar H10 Hair Hand Hand Painted Handmade Handpainted Heavy Hermann Hilda Holland Holt Humpback Hygienic Toys Instrument Ironbridge Japan Japanese Jointed Kestner Kimono Kingdom Large Laurel Lawson Leather Limoges Lion Little Lullaby Man Marke Marseille Merrythought Metal Metal frame Mighty Mohaiir mohair Monkey Mother Mouth Music needlepoint No Refunds Okwa Old on the balcony Ontario OOAK Open Orangutan Original Painted Painting Pattern Paw Pennsylvania Pepper Petit Piece Piggy Plastic Plate Platter plush Point Pop Porcelain Pre Pre 1946 Products Pull Pull Toy Punkinhead Puppy Purple Push Rare Real Red Regd Rein Renfrew Reproduction Restoration Project Reuge Richard Rickshaw Riding Rod romance Salt Schneiber Schuco Sculpture Sculptures Seefeld Selling As IS series Serving set Shakers Shells Shield Shop Shrops silhouette Silk Solid Sonneberg Spanial Split Squeaker Stand Star Statue Steiff Store stuffed Susi swivel Tag teddy Teeth Terrier Thuringia Tipped Toned Tongue Toronto UK Unbranded United USA van Vignaud Vintage Voice White Wicker Wig Windup Wired Wood Wood fibers Wood wool Wooden Wooden wheels Wool Yellow Zottelbear Zotty
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