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PostNL charges a temporary surcharge to destinations outside Europe

PostNL charges a temporary surcharge to destinations outside Europe

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The Hague, April 10, 2020 - PostNL is forced to charge a temporary surcharge from this week for shipments with a destination outside Europe. These destinations have been difficult to reach since the corona virus because international air traffic has largely been halted. As a result, airlines, among others, have significantly increased their fares.


Why this temporary allowance?

PostNL wants to continue to offer consumers and business customers the opportunity to send mail and packages to as many countries outside Europe as possible. This is often only possible via other forms of transport. There are higher costs involved. This makes it necessary to charge a temporary surcharge if customers choose this alternative.

To whom does which supplement apply?

For consumers, a temporary surcharge applies to registered mail, insured mail and all package products with a destination outside Europe (the so-called zone ROW). No surcharge applies to consumers on letter post with a stamp. For business customers, a temporary surcharge applies to both mail and packages from 50 grams to 20 kilos with a destination outside Europe.

When does the supplement apply?

For business customers as of April 13, for consumers as of April 17.

How much is the temporary allowance?

The exact temporary surcharge varies by country and type of shipment. From € 1 for a registered letter to € 16.50 for an insured package between 2 and 5 kilograms. PostNL emphasizes that the temporary surcharge only charges the necessary costs. ACM expects the surcharge to fit within the tariff margin that PostNL has for 2020 on the basis of the statutory rules for the Universal Postal Service, but will only test this afterwards.
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