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Atlantic Bear Ross-Shire Scotland OOAK Mohair Handmade Edwardian Style 22" 1995

Atlantic Bears

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Gorgeous Artist One of a Kind 
Teddy Bear 

Made by Atlantic Bears 
Ross-Shire Scotland 

This bear has been made of the best quality materials. 
He is been designed to appeal every teddy bear collector. 

Atlantic bears represent the Edwardian style antique bears. 

This bear has a center seam head 
A very big humpback 
Amazingly long jointed limbs 
Hand stitched nose mouth and nails 

Large spoon forward pointing feet 

He is made of thick Schultes mohair 
Heavily stuffed with woodwool stuffing 
Woolen paw pads 
Shoe button eyes 

His growler no longer is working when tilting 

This bear is one of a kind 
No limited edition  
One from one 

Such a gorgeous bear 

No certificate 
Has ear tag 

He measures approx 
22 inch tall till top of head 
17 inch sitting 

Please beware this is a very heavy bear 
He weighs 
1900 grams 4.200 lb 

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