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Antique 1920s JUMBO 30 inch Dutch Van Gelden Teddy Bear 76cm Beige Silk Plush

Arthur Van Gelden

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Antique Van Gelden Bear Holland 1920s 30 Inch 76 Cm Beige Silk Plush 

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Arthur van Gelden Teddy Bear 
Made in Holland, The Netherlands 
He was made in the 1920s 

He has metal eyes painted with black and white enamel paint 
His right eye shows some loss of paint 
His nose is hand stitched 

He has wooden discs to make him fully jointed 
His body is completely filled with woodfiber
Very Heavy Stuffed 

No voice box or growler inside 

He measures approx 
30 inch - 76 cm total length 
20 inch - 50 cm sitting 

He weighs approx 
2.450 kilograms 
5.400 lb  

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