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Antique 1950s Schuco German Easter Bunny Rabbit Mohair Wood Fibers Glass Eyes


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Old Antique Schuco German Easter Bunny Woodfibers

Do i look fat in these shorts? Lulac : Nah, you look perfect! (I swear am not laughing hahaha)

Benny in the Exclusive Bunny Club
in Jadees Antique Bear Shoppe
He never trusts those lulacs at all !

Old Antique German Schuco Easter Bunny Woodfibers

Made in Germany

Made in the late 50's

Beautiful hand made Easter Bunny

We call him Benny

He is made of mohair

His body is filled with woodfibers

He has beautiful glass eyes and a red hand stitched nose
Eyes are Perfect with NO damage
( white you see in picture is the flash from the camera)

He wears felt clothing which is not removable
All Original Clothing

He is not jointed

His foot soles are made of felt with
Card board in it to make him stand
His left foot sole has a hole on the side

The woodfibers in his left leg are not that sturdy
No more so thats why we placed him on a stand
Which you will get free with him

Bunny is in good vintage condition

Please see all our pictures
They are part of this description

He measures approx
11 inch / 28 cm
from ground till top of head

13.5 inch / 34 cm
from ground till top of his ears

This bunny is more then 50 years old
It is common practice to define "antique",
as applying to objects at least 50 years old.

His friends are not part of this listing
They are for sale separately in our store
See the picture below of benny and all his friends


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