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Atlas Europe France Childrens Farm Set 53 Pieces Comical Funny Animals People


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Atlas Europe France Childrens Farm Set
 53 Pieces Comical Funny Animals People 


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This is an Atlas Europe Farm Set  

You can only get this if you belonged to an Atlas book club  
and every time you got your monthly subscription  
you could purchase a few items such as 3 animals  

It takes a long long time and a lot of money to actually
acquire pieces for this set !!

We are bringing to our customers and their families  
around the world the opportunity to own this very rare  
funny farm set  

Look at the faces of the people and animals and the  
different settings you and your children can make  

Hours and hours of playtime and imagination

Please view all pictures to see the extreme detailing
that is in each animal and items that correspond to them

Suitable for 5+  
Rubber and plastic  
There are in total  53 pieces 

This set has very mild played with condition  
Bring a big smile to your child with this farm  

Unavailable in Stores and was never at any time  
Only available with membership and items only  
available month by month   

This set weights about 3140 grams without a shipping box 


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