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French Canadian Artist Chantal Poulin SECRET GARDEN Print Bronze Wood Framed

Chantal Poulin

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Canada Artist Chantal Poulin SECRET GARDEN Print Bronze Wood Framed



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 Stunning Artwork 

Titled : " SECRET GARDEN "


Chantal Poulin

Famous French Canadian Artist

The print is in a gorgeous antique bronze wooden frame 

Acid free cardboard protects the artwork inside the frame

 Size of print : 6 x 4 inch

Total including frame : 10 x 12 inches

Art is framed with a gorgeous double template used also

Print is mint protected behind glass

Has a metal hanger for immediate hanging

Framed in Canada

Print is in MINT condition

Frame has a small scuff at the top ( See pictures )

Excellent addition to any art lovers collection

** Please browse our shop for another artwork by Chantal Poulin

About the Artist:

"Born in 1959, in the Canadian Ottawa-Hull region, Chantal Poulin spent her childhood in the Montreal region, graduating from the College of Old Montreal and the Mission Renaissance Fine Arts Institute. After a decade residing in the village of Ste-Beatrix, north of Montreal, she moved to historic Niagara-on-the-Lake (near Niagara-Falls) where she and her husband, Eric Durocher, have opened a gallery in a 19th century Georgian manor on the scenic Niagara River Parkway. Chantal Poulin’s career took shape at an early age. While still in kindergarten, her gouache painting of a snowman drew high praise. While just five years old at the time, the painting marked the debut of her lifelong passion for art, prints and posters. It was her landscapes that launched her career in 1978 with her first solo exhibition. A few years later that she decided to devote herself full-time to painting. Her art, prints and posters have since been shown on numerous occasions, both in solo exhibitions as well as with other artists, in Canada, the United States as well as in Europe."


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