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Ganz Heritage Pets Little Cheesers Collection Mouse 14"


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Ganz Heritage Pets

Little Cheesers Collection

Ganz Heritage Pets
Little Cheesers Collection
14" Tall
Large Chubby Stuffed Mouse
Stands on her Own
Wearing a Woven hat with ribbon
Cotton dress with apron
Vinyl mouth (some crackling with age)
Large beaded eyes
Comes with All Original Tags
including Storybook Tag
" A long time ago, the Little Cheesers
lived in the Old World. They made their homes
in tree stumps , toadstools , and burrows.
They used leaves for umbrellas and blossums
for drinking cups.
Then one day they made a courageous 
voyage across the sea to the New World
where they founded the town 
More story included in booklet
about Sweet Cicely and Little Truffle
Auntie Blossum Thistledown and more
of their whole family
Mouse is in Good Condition
Sold As Is


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