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Old Antique English UK Yellow Teddy Bear Glass Eyes Working Squeaker Wood Fibers


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Old Antique English Yellow Teddy Bear
 Glass Eyes 
Working Squeaker 

Up for sale 
Gorgeous old teddy bear
Clear Glass Eyes 

Short paws with linen paw pads 
Short muzzle with hand stitched nose 

Gorgeous yellow artificial silk plush
( The outdoor photos show him more lighter than his actual color
He is yellow and not beige cream colored silk )
Made in the late 1930s 
He has 3 nails on each paw 
Has a squeaker inside his tummy which is fully working 
He has a tiny humpback 

He measures approx 
40 cm - 15.8 inch long 
28 cm - 11 inch sitting 

No tags but we believe he is a Chiltern bear 
Solid filled with wood fibers 

He measures approx 
630 grams - 1.390 lb 

Very Rare Hard to Find Bear
** He reminds us so much of Winnie the Pooh 

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