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Original Bonnie Germany West Berlin Mini Art Boys w Musical Instruments Signed


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Original Bonnie Germany West Berlin Art Boys w Musical Instruments

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So RARE  !! 

4 little german boys gathered together with a lantern on the grass 

In the distance you can see a house or church 

One boy has a top hat and is playing an oboe  
Antoher boys hides behind the bigger boy and is playing his harmonica 
The third boy is carrying a trumpet 
The fourth little baby boy is holding a music sheet 

All of them have such adorable faces with chubby cheeks 

Such a beautiful little piece of art 

Marked on the back 

Original Bonnie 

Made in Germany 

West Berlin 

The artwork is signed Bonnie in the corner 

Comes in a gorgeous frame 

4" x 3" 

Comes with original metal triangle shaped hanger 

Excellent Condition 

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