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USA Woodstown Whimsies Folk Art GUARDIAN OF HOPE Gourd Doll OOAK 2011


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USA Woodstown Whimsies Folk Art GUARDIAN OF HOPE Gourd Doll OOAK 2011 

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The Guardian of Hope Gourd Doll 

13 inches 

One of a Kind Folk Art 

Created by Daryle & Katie Cook 

South Jersey USA 

Named " The Guardian of Hope " 


No damage 

Excellent condition 

** Bird lamp not included 

More info about the Guardian of Hope 

Guardian of Hope a gourd doll by woodstown whimsies

Daryle & Katie Cook 

Folk art from South Jersey 

Created on February 2011 

The Guardian of Hope ! 

This gourd doll has been competing at 

the Art Doll Quarterly Gourd Doll Challenge in California in 2011 

"The Guardian of Hope" is made from a photo transfer on cotton knit fabric, using a vintage photograph from the artist stash of long forgotten souls!  He stretched the fabric over a basic paper clay form that he built up, intentionally trying to form the "smile lines" on either side of her mouth. Then he hand colored the details. He placed a bit of paper clay underneath the nose to give her face a little depth and dimension. 

(she looks like the artists grandma!)  

Her body is a "birdhouse" gourd that is hollowed out

The outside of the gourd is covered with a paper napkin, using the same white glue & water mixture.  The natural finish of the gourd shows through the translucent single-ply napkin nicely.  The artist cut the little bird from a piece of pine, added wooden dowel legs, and placed him on the wire & wood perch.

The poem is the artist feeble attempt to help "explain" 

the whole idea of this guardian, the nest, 

and of course:  "hope!"

The poem inside the Gourd 

In the still of the night

on the far side of the slope...

shrouded by the darkness

stands the Guardian of Hope...

Waiting in the shadows

watching and seeing all...

cloaked in autumnal splendor

not a single nest can fall... 

This Gourd doll was also featured in the 

Fall 2011 Issue of Art Doll Quarterly 

"Guardian of Hope" can be seen on page 65 



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