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Vermont Teddy Bear BLACK Furry Long Plush 16in.Handcrafted RETIRED 1994 Made USA

Vermont Teddy Bear

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Vermont Teddy Bear BLACK Furry Long Plush 

16in.Handcrafted RETIRED 1994 Made USA 

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BRAND - Authentic Vermont Teddy Bear 

Handcrafted in USA 

ITEM - Long Black Plush  

Fully Jointed  

Wearing a Dress 

Lace Collar & Hat 

Metal Rimmed Glasses 

Triangular nose made of velvet  

Velvet paws  

   GORGEOUS !!  


Item Nr. - None  

NAME - Unknown  

YEAR - 1994 Retired 

SIZE INCHES - 16 inches tall  

TAGS- Original Cloth Tags  






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