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Victorian Print by Joseph Caraud 1872 " Feline Affection " Lady & White Cats


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Victorian Print by French Artist Joseph Caraud 1872 " Feline Affection " Lady & White Cats 


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Really Gorgeous Artwork 

French Artist Joseph Caraud 1872 

Print of a lovely lady dressed in pink satin holding 
a tiny newborn white Persian kitten as the mother cat 
looks up 

A gorgeous ornate door in her mansion is open 
and the green decorated walls 

The art has a printed signature of J. Caraud 1872 

Print size is 7.50 x 5.50 inch 

Total including frame 13 x 11 inch 

Very heavy wooden frame ( minor wear ) 

Glass to protect the print ( has a few scratches) 

** Print can be reframed if buyer desires 
as we leave it in the original frame 

Hook in back all ready for hanging



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