Welcome to Jadees Antique Bear Shoppe

Jadees Antique Bear Shoppe Grand Opening 2015

Shopify Store Location Officially Open January 2015

Welcome to our 9th location
From Jadee , the Staff and all of the Bears , Animals and Dolls we welcome you to browse and choose and give new homes to all of our wonderful items that we have searched for around the world..
**Please note that we have over 5,000 items and you will get much more choices if you use the search box and not just use the Brand & Category drop down menus. Put your feet up and make a nice cup of coffee or tea and go page by page to see all what we have to offer our lovely buyers.
Thank you for your business and we look forward to serving you with our 12 year first class service reputation..

Drop us a line anytime and we will be able to help you in searching for lost items or items from your past
that you want to find again or for something you wish to add to your collection.
We also offer a Bear Evaluation service where we can tell you how much your bear or animals are worth, where they were manufactured and a brief history of what you own.

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