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Brass Button Pickford Bears Vanessa Love Retired 2000

Pickford Bears

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Pickford Brass Button Bears

Power Bear of Love

Pickford Bears Ltd
Brass Button Power Bears
~ Vanessa ~
Power Bear of Love
Retired Item No. 9981101

 10" Tall
Jointed Arms & Legs
Wearing Burgundy Lace
Velvet Rose , Brocade & Feather Hat
Embroidered Mouth & Nose
Embroidered Love on her foot
Beaded Eyes
Original Brass Button Attached
All Original Tags
*Bear is missing the Rose Quartz Necklace
Some minor wear but no damage

History of  Brass Button Bears
On a sunny winters day in 1900 June Goodridge,
a seamstress in upstate Maine, opened the door
to find a baby on her porch.
He was wrapped in a simple blanket
She cared for the baby and their bond became so strong
that she adopted the child and named him Joshua.
When Joshua was eight, he made a teddy bear on his mothers
sewing machine. 
He dressed it in the clothes of the day and fastened a 
brass button to it.
The bear became his friend and every ten years
Joshua made another special bear.
He went on to become successful in business and life,
with a happy marriage and ten children
In the year 2000 Joshua Goodridge will celebrate
his 100th Birthday.
To this day he tells his children and grandchildren
the story of how the bears bring luck and 
prosperity to his life.

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